The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Treating the land and it’s inhabitants with respect and integrity.


Sweet Farley Farm is a non-profit 501c-3 subsistence homestead.  The name comes from our favorite pet cat Farley and the Sweet from the honey we harvest from our modest apiary.

At Sweet Farley farm we utilize organic practices in all our gardening.   We are endeavoring to become self sufficient and sustainable.  However, almost everything we do is in some way experimental.   We will soon be posting videos of our many experiments..  successful and unsuccessful.  Successes and blunders.  We want everyone to see the things that worked and the things that didn’t.

We are also an educational farm and we believe in sharing any knowledge we have with others.

We are also a giving organization.  That which we produce above and beyond our needs is freely given to those in need.

We also breed CKC registered Great Pyrenees dogs and sell them to good homes.

2019 is going to be an exciting year. We are endeavoring to expand our apiary and we are also improving our organic gardening skills. This year we will be adding additional layers and meat chickens that will be housed in a chicken tractor. We plan to sell meat chickens as the state agriculture department will allow us to sell up to 1000 birds to individuals. We are planning to set up an outdoor processing area and raising both Georgia Broilers and Red Ranger meat chickens.

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